Pakistan Army Abducted Martyr Salman Hammal Baloch Mother and Two Sisters


Jamila, the martyr's mother, two sisters Sarah and Zahra have been arrested and kept in custody by Pakistani Forces on their way to Karachi to receive the body of Shaheed Salman Hammal.

Karachi Police has detained three Baloch women Jameela and her two daughters Sarah and Zara. They are mother and sisters of KSE attacker Salman Hammal. Targeting innocent women has always been a Pakistani trait

This is the difference between Baloch Armed groups & Pakistani state. Baloch freedom fighters never attacks innocent civilians or the family members of the occupying forces in contrary to that Pakistani army & security forces attacks the innocent families

BalochMother Jameela Baloch’s only crime was that she asked for the dead body of her son. Is this also a crime ? No law in this world can stop a mother to see her son for the last time. These arrests are inhuman condemnable & will also strengthen the Baloch resistance movement.

کراچی پولیس نےKSE حملے میں ملوث سلمان بلوچ کی ماں جمیلہ اوربہن زاہرہ اورسارہ کوگرفتارکیا۔

اجتماعی سزاکے طورپر کسی بھی فردکےخاندان کوگرفتارکرناپاکستان و عالمی قوانین کی کھلی خلاف ورزی ہے۔
دوسرے حملہ آوروں کے خاندانوں کو بھی آرمی نے اغوا کیا ہیکہ اب تک انکی کوئی حال خبرنہیں ہے۔

ریاست آزادی پسند بلوچ مزاحمت کاروں سے شکست کے بعد خواتین کو گرفتار کرکے ذہنی و نفسیاتی تشدد کا نشانہ بنا رہا ہے۔ شہید سلمان کی میت وصول کرنے کیلے کراچی جانے پر شہید کے معمر والدہ جمیلہ، دو بہنیں سارہ اور زہرہ کو گرفتار کرکے حبس بے جا رکھا گیا ہے۔

Karachi Police has arrested the mother Jamila & sisters Zahra & Sara of Salman Baloch who was involved in #KSEattack. Arresting the family or relatives as a collective punishment is against Int'l and Pakistan's Law as well as #HumanRights #EnforcedDisappearance #SaveBalochwomen

The defeated state has detained Martyr Salman’s mother Jamila & his two sisters who went to Karachi to receive Salman’s dead body. We consider this act as a collective punishment. Pakistan is intensifying its brutalities due to silence of UN, World powers & other HR organizations


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