BLA martyrs (Fida'een) are creating history in Baloch national resistance. BRA

Karachi attack has achieved the real goals of resistance, such attacks will be supported and will be continue to achieve national goal - Beebagr Baloch
 In a statement issued to the media, Baloch Republican Army spokesman Beebagr Baloch paid tributes to Salman Hamal alias Nautak, Shehzad Baloch alias Kobra, Sangat Taslim alias Muslim and Sangat Siraj Kangar alias Yagi.  H le said that the martyrs have breathed a new life into the continuation of the Baloch national liberation movement, the intensity of which will be felt by every Baloch youth, old men and woman.
The spokesman said that the sentiments, feelings and spirit of sacrifice of the Baloch youth for the freedom and irrigation of the homeland were proving to be a source of anger for the occupying Pakistan.
 Beebagr Baloch added that the stock exchange is consider to be the backbone of any country's economy.  Located in a sensitive high security area of   Karachi, targeting stock exchanges on arrival is a failure of Pakistani institutions, while Baloch militants have proven the best strategies and plans that Baloch militants have the ability to attack the enemy anytime and anywhere. 
The spokesman said that Pakistan was continuing its exploitative plans with Baloch genocide to perpetuate its occupation of Balochistan and China was an equal partner in these exploitative plans.  As Jeeyand Baloch, spokesman for the Baloch Liberation Army, has said "the attack is not only on Pakistan's economic interests but also on China's economic interests in Balochistan in response to China's exploitative plans and a warning that if China continues to exploit Baloch.  He said that Pakistan would continue to support the Baloch genocide and the attacks of Baloch militants on its interests would be intensified.
 "This attack is no less than a great victory in the Baloch armed resistance. Our organization considers martyrdom attacks as an important and effective weapon against the occupiers in pursuit of national independence and purpose. The moral and practical support of these attacks will be continue," he added


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