Balochistan: Pakistan forces abduct 9 women, 8 children from Sui area

Pakistan forces in its military operations have abducted several women and children from Sui region of Balochistan.

Pakistan conducted military operation in different areas of Sui and abducted 9 women and 8 children. Many houses too were burned down and several people were reportedly tortured.
According to Baloch Republic Party (BRP) Media Cell, Pakistani forces conducted a heavy military operation in different areas of Sui and Naseerabad including Matt, Darenjan, Uch, Shari Darbad, Chattar and Sheerani, earlier in the morning.
Seventeen people including women and children of Mitta Khan Bugti and Saeed Khan Bugti were taken by Pakistani army in Chattar.
Some of abductees have been identified as Naaz Khatoon, Roz Bibi, 3-year-old Hameed, 9-month-old Ramzan Bugti, Bakhto Bugti, and Zarnaz Bugti.
Shah Nawaz Bugti from the BRP Media cell further detailing about the operation said that the women were brutally tortured before being abducted.
"Earlier it was Baloch political activists, now women are abducted, beaten up and detained by Pakistan army. Human rights group should take immediate notice of the situation," he said.


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