Anwar aka Fida Jan


  Anwar aka Fida was born in 1991, in Kalar, Mashkay. He got  his basic education from primary school, Kalar and 8th class from high  school, Gajjar Mashkay. After passing 8th class, he left his education  uncompleted. My beloved brother Anwar Jan joined armed struggle on the  platform of  Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) in 2010.
                  One day he came to home and told our mother:  kana dostinga lumma (my beloved mother), I need your blessings. I want  to leave you and the home and  go to protect my motherland, Balochistan,  occupied by coward Panjabi army. Don't  worry for me, my honorable  mother; he said and left to an unknown place, which is popular as  mountains. After a five months training, he came home and started his  struggle in Mashkay city.
                  In 2011, he was recruited in Balochistan  Levies Force. He used levies force as a shield and continued his  activities for BLF. I remember, in 2013, he was going to bazaar with  other comrades. Army came from the other side and firing started, his  fellows escaped soon but Anwar Jan was in siege of army, though he also  escaped later tactfully which he had learnt during his guerilla  training. He was identified by local persons. This was the time when he  became famous as a freedom fighter in Baloch masses in Mashkay.
                  He used to visit home time by time, but he  couldn't ever come when the Army turned Gajjar college into a military  base. He made the mountains his house. One day, in 2014, he came to our  uncle's home, but someone was behind him, so army reached immediately on  the spot and besieged the homes. Anwar again succeeded to escape from  army's siege.
                  He always wanted to see our mother and to  have good wishes from her. One day he came to home. I was also there.  Army was behind him every time. Now the raid was on our own home. Again  Anwar Jan escaped in army's raid despite heavy firing towards him. In  reaction, the brutal army burnt our houses , arrested my father,  tortured him in front of us. I couldn't stop my tears. An army personnel  started beating me too.
                  Our mother told Anwar Jan not to come to home  as he has become popular in our town as a freedom fighter, the state's  informers are watching our home. He replied, I have to organize BLF and  fight here. If got a chance to see my brave mother so I obviously do.
                  He was not afraid of death.
                  I was younger, I was curious to know the fate  of traitors. I asked him, why do freedom fighters forgive the traitors?  He said, there is no mercy for traitors in a national independence war,  be it my father.
                   After burning houses we had to migrate from  our ancestors place. We couldn't live in city due to worse situation  there. We built huts in mountains. Winter seasons were troublesome  there. All the blankets, pillows etc were left behind. Small children  were crying due to cold and new place, the mountainous horrifying  environment.
                  In 2015,it was Eid-ul-Azha, in mountains.  Anwar got married. One day gunship helicopters came with shelling on our  huts here too. They shelled our cattle. Ground forces reached and burnt  our huts. We were compelled to change this place and we did. After  three months, again the terrorist and jihadist army launched an  operation and burnt huts, plundered our all precious things. Pakistani  army stayed for three days there.
                  Anwar was a funny person. We must have been  laughing while Anwar was with us in nights. He used to teach us about  Baloch nation and ongoing brutalities by Pakistani army; our homes will  be burnt, our relatives will be killed, our children will be tortured by  the occupying forces. We have to bear hunger and thirst in path of  freedom. We have to sacrifice ourselves in the way of independence. We  must bear all difficulties. He says.
                  "Oh kana lumma"
                  Oh my mother. You must be worried for us. But  we have to fulfill our duty for the motherland where we have to be  buried forever. A bright day has to come for our coming generations.  Anwar told to our mother.
                  Dear brother, your comrades and companions are saluting to Pakistani flag. How do you see this? I enquired.
                  The men who are saluting in front of army,  are cowards. They are afraid of death but all are not. He smiled and  replied.
                  He embraced martyrdom  in a gun battle in  Jhaoo, Balochistan on October 05, 2016. Fida is symbol of bravery. He  was a brave warrior in of BLF. He was a true and sincere freedom  fighter. He organized BLF in Mashkay. He sacrificed his life for Baloch  liberation movement. I am proud on his bravery and deliverance.
  Down the Pakistan
  Long Live Baloch national struggle.
  Younger Brother of Anwar Jan.


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